Effective solutions
based on big data
Fields of application
Banks, customer credit, microfinance organizations, payment systems
Insurance companies
Health insurance, real estate insurance, car insurance
Retail business
Grocery stores, electronic stores, restaurants and others
Transport companies, transportation business, deliveries
City authorities, Smart City project
Public utilities
Service providers, utility companies
Credit scoring helps you to assess the risks in providing services to your clients. Marketing scoring helps you to measure a customer's buying propensity to increase the relevance of your offers. The benefit of this service consists in the fact that, based on the client's behavior as a subscriber and analyzing client's reliability, it will help to protect your campaign from a possible loss of funds
Unfortunately, fraudulent activities related to mobile numbers become more popular. Antifraud services will help you to increase the security level of your customers by reducing the level of fraud: checking the replacement of a SIM card, the length of time the number was activated, and others
Do you want to open a new store or evaluate the effectiveness of existing ones? Want to understand where your target audience lives or works? This is possible with geoanalytics service from lifecell. Creation of heat maps, analysis of potential traffic, moving of your TA and many other things based on our data
Targeted communications will help not only increase sales, but also provide an opportunity to communicate with your target audience. Criteria for selecting your target audience by gender, age, interests, location and other metrics will make your campaigns even more accurate

Scorings based on lifecell data allows you to assess the event probability and reduce the risks associated with providing services to a client
Improving client security level
Anti-fraud services will decrease the possibility of successful fraud and will increase your client security level
Better accuracy of forecast

Heatmaps and geoanalytics will help you more accurately to forecast the effectiveness of the place (location) for opening a new salespoint, analyze traffic and accommodation of the potential target audience
Increase of conversion

Increase the response to your offers by means of the targeted communications
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